Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Fashion of Madonna will Always Amaze Us

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It started in the eighties and still continues on to this day, the wild looks of our idols.  It seems that the stars have a free reign when it comes to style.  They seem to be the trend setters when it comes to the fashions we all wear.  The truth is that these styles start in the minds of some of the greatest fashion designers.  Let’s look at Madonna.

She burst onto the pop stage in the Eighties in thrift shop looks that defined a generation and through Gaultier conical bras, religious epiphanies, touches of English rose-dom and a gym obsession (not to mention two marriages, two children and two adoptions), Madonna's chameleon sense of style has never failed to keep the fashion world on its toes.

Never one to shy away from a complete transformation, she embraces themes wholeheartedly - whether it's dying her hair black and sticking to a deathly-pale complexion during her gothic stage, wearing nothing but leotards for her Confessions disco phase, or transforming into a peroxide blonde Marilyn Monroe clone to famously channel the icon.

The only constant with the world famous singer? You never quite know what is coming next.

When we think of Madonna it's all cone bras, crosses and '80s lace. But she's so much more than her stage presence. Offstage, Madonna's sophisticated taste shows up in tasteful designer looks from the world's best designers including Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier and Stella McCartney.

Get Madonna's Look: For the past few years, Madonna's look has developed a softer side: soft waves, satin fabric and bows are all part of the effort to keep the Material Girl look younger. It's easy to incorporate a soft bowed blouse (one of Madonna's favorite face-framing looks) into your wardrobe. While her wardrobe is more subdued, Madonna still keeps her sexy shoes: heels, ankle-straps, platforms.

Here is a fashion designer to look at 

It takes one look at Jean Paul Gaultier’s childhood teddy bear to see the start of a visionary’s illustrious life in fashion. Nana, his worn, well-loved, and nearly threadbare toy, has dark eyebrows and green shadow hand-drawn above its black button eyes, red lips where there were none, and--most notably--a miniature cone bra fashioned from old newspapers. Yes, the pointed corset made famous by Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour was first fitted on a stuffed animal.

Now, after over three decades producing the hautest of haute couture, the French designer is getting his due in his first solo exhibition. The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk originated at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and is currently on view at the De Young Museum in San Francisco (a city that welcomes iconoclasts and one-of-a-kinds with wide open arms). Following his playful motto of “equality, diversity, and perversity,” Gaultier’s collections are modeled by unique--and only slightly creepy--"living" mannequins designed by JoliCouer International. Human faces, including Gaultier’s, are projected onto their flat visages, coupled with corresponding voices that give the figures a sentient effect.

The installation is more than a display of impeccably crafted clothes. In addition to the gowns, garments, and accessories, exclusive fashion photography by the likes of David LaChapelle, Richard Avedon, and Mario Testino is on display, showing a keen appreciation for the medium that has likely done more for spreading the gospel of high design to the masses through the years than any über-exclusive runway show.

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