Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Patrick Boivin, Canadian Filmmaker

Someone give this man a budget & a hollywood film contract!

I stumbled across this guy a couple of years ago and I could not believe what I saw! After watching just a few of his videos I sent his link to all the people I knew out west in La La Land. It would be nice to know if he ever got a call from that. His films are made with true production value and that, my friends, is a refreshing touch!

Look Where He Is Today!

Patrick Boivin, a French Canadian Filmmaker and director, not only filmed these scenes, he also wrote all the scripts in his movies. If that was not impressive enough, he also did all the lighting, editing, animation, and special effects in all of the films. We should all be inspired by a filmmaker like this, and for that he is definitely worthy of a “Plastic Oscar”! I am sure we will all be watching him someday while he is standing at the podium receiving his real Oscar Award.

Here is his YouTube Channel:

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