Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's only a Job written by Barbara Harrington

This is a short film produced and written by Barbara Harrington, Filmed and edited by John Williams of Paparazzi Ent/Filmz, and Directed by Lil Barcaski with music by Leon Salem. Worth a watch and a comment or two.  I found this short entertaining.  Tell me what you think.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tampa Cover Band The Red Sunday

Tampa Cover Band Red Sunday plays Eruption by Van Halen

It is always great when someone can make something their own.  This is exactly what happens here as you watch Eric Stewart of the Tampa Bay Cover Band The Red Sunday preform Eruption by Van Halen.

When I saw the Tampa Cover Band "Red Sunday" perform Van Halen's Eruption and You Really Got Me I could not believe how Eric Stewart put his own style in to this famous piece of cover band history. I had to whip out my Droid Razr M phone and start recording this Tampa Cover Band. . . I am glad I did! His guitar style and performance put him in to a league of his own. When asked, he said "I butchered it." I don't think there was a person in this audience that would say the same. Tampa cover band Red Sunday gave the audience what was expected at Quaker Steak & Lube's Bike Night that night.

Let the Tampa cover band Rock n Roll spirit spill out in to this great musical creation created by the band known as Van Halen! This tune is often recreated down here in Florida by many Tampa cover bands. How a single piece of music can stand out above others is one that often amazed me. The way the Tampa cover band can recreate the sound of the original is also something that spills out within my mind! After traveling throughout the United States I did find one thing out. Tampa cover bands have all that it takes to make the audience want more, no wonder we are the death metal capitol of the country. Rock and Roll and Tampa Cover Bands Rule!!!

About Van Halen Eruption

"Eruption" is a guitar solo written and performed by Eddie Van Halen which is preformed by many Tampa cover bands. "Eruption" often appears on many 'greatest guitar solos' lists in Tampa. It is often played by cover bands together with "You Really Got Me", which follows the piece on the album by the band Van Halen.

"Eruption" starts with a short accompanied intro with Alex Van Halen on drums and Michael Anthony on bass. The highlight of the band solo is the use of two-handed tapping often recreated by local bands. "Eruption" was played on the Frankenstrat, with a MXR Phase 90, an Echoplex, a Univox echo unit and a 1968 Marshall 1959 Super Lead tube amp. The Sunset Sound studio reverb room was also used to add reverb. The Frankenstrat was tuned down a half-step. "Eruption" begins in the key of A flat and ends on a E flat note that is a twelfth fret, 6th string harmonic processed through a Univox EC-80 echo unit.

The "Eruption" intro is based on "Let Me Swim" by Cactus. After the intro, an E-flat major quotation of the "Etude No. 2" by Rodolphe Kreutzer is heard. The end section begins with a series of rapid two-handed tapping triads that have a classical like structure and eventually finishes with a repeated classical cadence followed by sound effects generated by a Univox EC-80 echo unit. There are many a band in Tampa who love the sweet and natural sound of this great tune that is often the cover of many a band in our great area.

Heres a Tampa cover band that ROCKS!!!

The Red Sunday

Lead Vocals: Robin Eads

Cover Band Lead Vocals: Robin EadsRobin “The Red” Eads started singing at an early age – something she loved to do almost as much as talking. In junior high she joined chorus and received vocal training that helped her catapult her powerful voice to a whole new level. In high school she spent 3 years pursuing Musical Theater, combining her love of acting with her singing talent. Alas it was not to be, as our fair maiden is a terrible dancer (on par with Elaine Benes) and battling her stage fright proved too much to bear.  After high school, she took a long hiatus – only singing for her kids in the car and occasionally for a bar full of strangers on karaoke night.

In 2009, Robin underwent surgery that threatened to change her voice. In fact, there was a chance she could lose it altogether. It was then that she decided to kick her fears to the curb. She vowed to put her talent to good use if she came out of the surgery with her voice unscathed.

We think you know what happened next.  Although getting here took some patience, love and lots of encouragement from her partner in crime (a.k.a. Michael Quale) and her fantastic bandmates.

Bass: Michael Quale

Bass: Michael QualeMike “Stretch” Quale traces his roots back to the land of the ice and snow. This giant bass banger hails from the land of  big hair, Snooki, bad accents and casinos. Born in New Jersey but raised in the heat of Florida by hippies, his love of playing bass started about the time he discovered girls (about 5 years old). His booming bottom end loves to lock onto a kick drum and get people dancing.

Don’t be afraid of this gentle giant with the Music Man. He’ll keep your foot tapping and your butt wagging! What can we say – rhythm is in his soul! That and a few too many tacos and a Kamikaze or two.

Guitar/Vocals:   Eric Stewart

Guitar/Vocals:   Eric StewartEric is the epitome of guitar players, loud, fast and from Jersey. Voted most likely to shred people’s faces off in his high school yearbook. He has been living up to that credo since joining The Red Sunday in June of 2011. In his spare time Eric likes to, relax and watch football because he has not had a free weekend off of gigging since the ripe ol age of 17.  For all you guitar players or wannabe guitar players out there Eric is the product manager at Dean guitars. He gets to make new guitars on a daily basis. What a job right? He plays guitars and designs guitars. No fair!

Keep this in mind though, all you TRS fans had better keep a safe distance when its time for Eric to solo. It would deeply sadden us to have another fan scalped in one of those broken guitar string incidents.

Drums/Vocals:  John Palumbo

Drums/Vocals:  John Palumbo
The 3rd guy from Jersey to join TRS – maybe we should change our name to The Red Jerseys?  John has been playing almost every instrument possible in his 20+ years in the Tampa music scene. He’s sung and played guitar (and sometimes drums and bass) with such acts as Groovy Tuesday and Sucker Punch but his love for drums brings him to TRS! Plus, we needed a 3rd guy from Jersey.