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Vinny and Kevin Ambler

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Hello, my name is Vincent Leverenz and I'm residing in the city of Indian rocks Beach Florida. I spent my earlier years in Chicago Illinois growing up as a teenager and young child. After my second year of college I moved to Florida and never went back. I enjoy my existence in Florida and have spent the last few years of my life doing freelance projects for medical professionals and other companies. One of my favorite pastimes is making films and this led to an interesting time in my life. I spent four years going back and forth from Florida to Hollywood California working as an assistant to a well-known television personality. I got to dabble in making films and learn the ins and outs of film festivals, production, and what it takes to put together that favorite movie you may have seen while sitting in a theater.

During these years I got to meet a lot of interesting people. I found it a joy to know them and work with them. Today my life is a lot simpler, I have been working out of my house on the computer setting up websites, doing SEO projects, short films, and graphic work. As for many of us, these current times have been a challenge to me. Before venturing off the Hollywood I was working with real estate and remodeling condominiums for that quick turn buck. How I liked these times and wish they were here forever, I found myself having to move on.

Today I have been promoting health and fitness.

In the face of recent healthcare changes, many self-reliant individuals believe good health and the prevention of disease require personal proactive steps. This blog is to help educate and provide resources to take control of your diet and fitness regimes!

What is Vitality Directory?
The Vitality Directory is a unique website showcasing local health and fitness professionals. This growing online community houses a wealth of resources to help people who want to attain or sustain an active lifestyle. You will find a wide variety of health blogs, recipes, tips and an events page to locate wholesome restaurants, events and shopping in your neighborhood. The Vitality Locator page is a search tool to help you find local experts from a variety of healthy lifestyle categories.

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